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Generating assets in "All-Share" demonstration areas

A cornerstone of the Openworld Institute's approach will be to encourage demonstrations of eGovernment systems in experimental areas.

Communities can commit land for success-sharing development partnerships in these areas.  Local governments can make these sites attractive to investors through application of transparency-enhancing eGovernment systems. Revenue from concession tendering, lease or sale of the demonstration sites can be shared in ways that benefit community residents as well as the public sector. 

A large share of land value gains awakened in these areas can go towards funding scholarship and health care initiatives for residents of the surrounding communities. The demonstration areas can also support training and professional development opportunities for public employees, and performance-based compensation bonuses along the lines of Singapore’s "Flexiwage" system.

Among the near-term steps that communities can take to awaken private sector interest in the development areas are the following:

•    Introducing quality assurance systems (such as ISO) to define administrative services and identify opportunities for near-term improvements by the municipality and the regional government;

•    Creating visual flowcharts showing all startup/approval requirements of the municipality and the regional government;

•    Preparing a scorecard (based on the World Bank’s “Doing Business” report) that compares national averages with the municipality’s averages in time and costs for receiving licenses and permits; and

•    Introducing XBRL and similar XML-based pilot projects (in partnership with eGovernment solution providers) that demonstrate the seriousness of the community’s commitment to streamlined/automatic financial reporting and approval systems.

As new eGovernment systems are developed for establishing world-class business climates at local, regional, and national levels, Openworld Institute will encourage their adoption through:

- "digital donations" that assure broadbased access via microscholarships to online learning and health care for citizens of exemplary communities;

- certification systems for recognizing establishment of world-class business climates in the "All-Share Zones"; and

- "Openworld Prizes" to recognize public and private sector leaders responsible for transparency-enhancing eGovernment systems.